Bravo Dawn Butler, but Parliament fails us again.

Yesterday just before breaking up for Summer Recess Dawn Butler dropped a few home truths on the Tories about their liar of a leader. She called out his lies. She called out his dishonesty and yet this farce of a House of Commons threw her out for the rest of the day because her language was unparliamentary.

Fuck unparliamentary. Fuck it from a great height, Boris Johnson is a consummate liar and yet our MP’s are forbidden from calling a spade a spade. Boris Johnson is doing real damage to this country and can lie with impunity over it, because he is never dragged back to correct the record. The parliamentary process, the parliamentary language, the parliamentary rules, the pomp and circumstance, the tradition, fails us the nation in doing so. Yet for another MP to call it out? Not allowed. MP’s are not allowed to accuse each other of deliberate deceit. It ties opposition hands and allows a government made up of ministers more than happy to break the rules, to abuse parliament, to abuse what passes for our democracy these days, and to keep on doing so. Such ministers are expected to resign should they deceive the House, but of course that leaves things up to them doing the honourable thing and when they actually have no honour, we end up where we are, with no apparent recourse to even call that out, let alone act upon it. To compare the ridiculousness of this, take the example of 5 Tory MP’s who were recently found to have attempted to sway judges in the case of a sex-offending Tory colleague and all that happened was they lost a day’s pay! A criminal act going unpunished, but accuse an MP of lying? No hesitation – away with you.

It’s not like its even news, we all know Johnson’s a liar. the Peter Stefanovic viral video has now had over 27 million views, clearly showing his lies in action and journalist Peter Oborne has written an entire book all about his dishonesty. Former Tory colleague Rory Stewart called him ‘the most accomplished liar in public life’, another former colleague Anna Soubry said ‘he lies as easily as he draws breath’. That Johnson is a liar is demonstrable and beyond doubt. So why are our elected representatives prevented from calling him one?

Compounding this further are the public dismissals. Daily Fail reader comments referring to her as ‘another Diane Abbott’ in order to discredit her whilst lacing it with a bit of casual racism, shameful but par for the course with gutter rags of that ilk and those that choose to read them, those who would forgive Johnson if he ate a baby on live TV and then defend him when he inevitably lies about it. But worse is the lack of support coming from her own party. So many sitting on their hands not commenting, those that are are almost all from the left and some like Angela Rayner attempted to jump on Dawn’s coattails by repeating the liar line whilst forgetting to even mention Dawn Butler at all. We see you Ange! Barry Sheerman said she was no Dennis Skinner! Why does she need comparing to a white man even if he is a legend Barry? More’s the pity you’re still sat on those benches and Skinner isn’t! Chris Bryant, apparently Labour and a wannabe speaker himself, defended the deputy speaker who threw Dawn out, saying she had no choice. She did, she didn’t have to go there, but raised a point that such things have to be debated. Who gets to choose what to debate though? The House, by voting on a motion to do so and which has a Tory majority of 80. You really think it’d be heard? But as for Keir Starmer, he’s ignored the entire issue, instead reverting to sport once more because the Olympics are up and running. The Silent Knight, silent on his actual job as always. There’ll be a statement involving at least 6, possibly 7 Union Flags, just to make sure, plus pub shots featuring an untouched pint in one hand and some forensic pointing at a telly with some Greek Wrestlers on or some such coming up, you know it’s bloody coming. No solidarity, no support, just the usual flaccid uselessness we’ve come to expect. The political equivalent of an erectile dysfunction. Perhaps once his focus groups have had a chat he’ll come to a decision, but more likely he’ll leave it to someone else and then Captain Hindsight it, acting like it was his idea afterwards. It’s not like there were many Labour MP’s in the chamber at the time, but they should’ve walked out with her, that they didn’t is another scandal.

Johnson can get away with lying at any time, to justify any act and nobody is allowed to call him such in parliament. That is what it means these days to behave in a parliamentary manner. For us on the outside, or even Dawn Butler on the inside calling him out for it? It’s a minor inconvenience to him. Parliamentary democracy is a farce. It needs tearing up and starting again.

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